Best Wifi Hacker Apps For Android

As being the user of the Android smartphone devices and the other electronic devices we all know about the Wi-Fi services which is also known as wireless fidelity. As we use our while mobile data and the other source which is wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi we assume that the Wifi speed is much better than compared to the mobile network speed and there is a problem like the Wifi is not and it is also not possible to afford and pay the bill off the Wifi connection but don’t worry now you will be able to Wifi without Wifi connection all you need to I will tell you in this article.

There are some of the needs of the user need for using the application for the Wi-Fi hacking the username to keep in mind that they have to do some minor things on the Android smart devices which will make their Android smartphone to work completely like LINUX operating system so they have to follow some of the steps after they will be understand how it will work.

  • The user need to root the Android smartphone device the Android version of the Android smartphone should be 4.0
  • and above the user need to download and install the BusyBox in the Android smartphone devices and
  • they have to get the proper powers of the Wi-Fi they want to connect in their Android smartphone devices
  • after doing this they have to download and install one more application which is named as Xposed Framework when they will do this it will become easy.

AndroiDumper Crack

It is one of the most favourite applications of the users for hacking the Wifi passwords the user can easily download this application from or they can even download this application on Google Play Store. After installing the application the user have to allow the root permission when they will do this that it will show many the Wi-Fi signals which are available then where the user is from there a user app to tap on the track next when they will do this there will be an option that no custom pin after doing this the application will show you the password then the user can simply note that and can easily connect to that.

WPS WPA Tester Pro

The user might think like this application is an old application which helps the user for hacking the Wifi plans available on the network on which they want to connect. The user can use this application for hacking the Wifi near them for downloading this application firstly you need to follow some of the steps.The user need to download the Wifi WPS WPS tester from Also have a look at lucky patcher app for Android.

When they will do like this it will show some of the list of the website from where we can download the apk file when they will do this they can easily install it after knowing the unknown sources on their Android smartphone devices. After opening this application the user have to take on the do not sure gain and after that the user can agree all items and conditions when they will do like this it will automatically open a page for the root permission the user needs to step on the arrow button when they will do this it will open the another page after another page the user will see that there is an refresh mode above on the application after doing this it will show you up in the all the Wifi signals which are near you.Then you can type any of them and there will be an warning on that you have to press yes after pressing yes you can choose any of your network and it will automatically connect on your phone.